Only Women’s Self Defence and fitness MMA

Ladies, do you feel uncomfortable walking down a dark street? Do you get nervous when you’re home on your own? Perhaps you’ve had a negative experience and wish you could have protected yourself better?

It’s a sad fact of life that there are predators out there, and we have a responsibility to ourselves and our loved ones to be able to defend ourselves if we should encounter one of these people.

Prof Tiago is an experienced teacher of self defence and fitness for MMA, having taught techniques to many women, boh young and old, and law enforcement officials. He knows exactly what situations you might encounter, and he will teach you how to get out of them. He will teach you techniques to against weapons, how to get off the ground if someone has forced you to the floor. Most importantly, the techniques you will learn will be effective against opponents of any size, so you can be confident that what you will learn will work and you will have funn and fitness involved.

Prof. Tiago is available to teach to you on your own, in small private groups, or come and join our timetabled only women’s self-defenceand fitness MMA classes. These classes are physical, not only will you improve your fitness, but your confidence will grow. Come check out and have free first class.